Thursday, June 3, 2010

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan!

woo y'all

So on Sunday me and 3 friends went to Osaka! The main reason for going was to head to the aquarium! It was super awesome!

The day started with all of us waking up like at 6 because we wanted to get there early. Which actually wasn't that good of an idea because we got there to early. But because we got there early we all decided to go and get some breakfast at McDonald's! ( which is the 3rd time i had been there since i had been in japan). It was funny because it seemed like all the "hip" teenagers hung out there because there was a whole lot of them there.

Once we were done there we headed over to where to the aquarium was. It was a good thing we headed over when we did because there was already a whole lotta people in line to get in already. Well at any rate we went through the aquarium and it was awesome! We saw many sea creatures plus some that weren't. I wish i had taken better photos but it was really dark in there and super crowded. However the photos i took are what i saw and what i really liked. It was really cool to see an actual whale shark. We all concluded that the whale shark were young because they were so small. The manta-ray, on the other hand, was huge! It effortlessly glided through the tank. We also some some other things but you can just look at the photos.

Once we were done with the aquarium we ran some other errands in Osaka and then we all went home and that ended our Sunday.

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