Sunday, May 16, 2010

Castle Time

Ello Y'all

So the next day we started out the day with riding our bikes to the Hikone castle. It was the perfect day for it. The sun was shinning and all was good. The castle itself looked really good in the sun, perfect for shooting. Walking around the place was very peaceful to. Filled with beautiful sites of nature. We all just walked around and took photos. We also went into the castle but it was way to dark in there to take photos without a tripod. They had stairs in there, tho that were so straight up! My 2 friends that i went with were kinda a tad worried about it but i got used to it after a bit because it was like climbing down my loft bed. Once we were done we all met as a group and then had permission to leave.

We than went grocery shopping around al plaza. it was kinda super cool. I got some shirts that said really odd things in English. Like the sentences weren't formed right. After that we went home and just chilled

over all it was a super good day!!!

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