Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The much better than yesterday day

At the first glimpse i got to look outside i knew it was going to be a better day.

After being stuck in the rain yesterday there was a total sense of worry and maybe slight fear, hoping that today wouldn't be as bad. But as i said It was much better than the day before.

The much better day started out with all of us hoping in to taxis and than heading down to the train station. The feeling in the air was so happy and exciting. We all had a good time watching the trains come in and whoosh by. All of us were snapping so many pictures.

Once the train came in we hoped on and heading to a lot more trains and than finally ended up in Kyoto. This in my opinion added to the already excited attitude. After arriving we then proceed to the shrine that we were gonna walk around ( which by the way was kind of like a park.) It was very peaceful and serene inside. So much nature. So very nice.In the end me and 2 of my friends ended up finding the cemetery. It was so huge and very tall. And of course we climbed all the way to the top. It was worth it because once we got to the top we could so so much( if not all) of Kyoto. After taking all the shots we could we just sat there at the top and let the wind run past us.

When we were done we left the cemetery area and just walked around eventually ending up in an area that was kind of in the middle and very people populated. All the people around us were so nice and once again there were so many photo opportunities. We even got our photos taken with some of the people. We than left the area and and started to go to our meet up point with the rest of the class, window shopping as we walked by.

When we all meet up we went to eat. But that is another post and story for later in the day.

I guess in simple words i would say the main part of the day was very en joyful and thought provoking

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