Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good ol sunday

Hows it going y'all

So Sunday was in a sense my day off. No thinking about class or fine art photography. Instead i went to the meeting in Kyoto. It was a nice thing to go and do after a most stressful day. I went with sister Naomi and her son Issac and sister hiroe who i met through emails that where given to me by Yuri and Miyuki Kochi.

It started off with them picking me up at the dorm and then driving to a parking lot by i think notogawa station. Then from there we got on the train and rode to kyoto and then on the subway to our final destination.

when we got there we saw the kingdom hall and it was just this simple building. if you weren't to see the sign then you probably would not have known it was a kingdom hall. It apparently is about 3 stories high and has multiple rooms to conduct the meeting. i only went into one and it was very small but it got the job done! When i sat down a lot of people introduced themselves to me ( i cant really remember the names seeing as they where long jap names but i took photos and i would remember the face) . At any rate the meeting started and i enjoyed listening to a talk about keeping your promises. We then did the watchtower study and then the meeting ended. i met more people (including a finish people) and then it was time for us to leave. We went to a pizza place in the station and then they dropped me off at my dorm

overall i had a good day that day!!!!

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