Monday, May 10, 2010

The next day

Hey once again ya'll!

So as i said i am going to talk about the everything other than the plane ride!

So once we got off the plane we had to go through customs and let me tell ya! that was my first bit of culture shock! Like the airport wasnt that different but it was the attendants that where helping everyone! I swear they only knew the least amount of English if not any! It was good that some people in the class know more jap than i do became if they didn't.. oh boy!

But anyways we went through customs got our luggage and it was all dandy! Then we all ( 20 people ) got onto the charter bus and then took off for JCMU! It was a pretty awesome! It was dark but still..AWESOME!!!! I will say however that i did fall asleep half way through the 2.5 hour bus ride but still every one did!

So once the bus ride was over we arrived at JCMU, got a small intro, and then got the keys to our rooms! Now, our rooms are kinda awesome but they would be even MORE awesome if things actually worked and if we got all the stuff( kitchen ware) that they said we should be getting. Me and my rommie are gonna talk to Iga-san about that today so hopefully it will all go well!

thats all im gonna write....FOR NOW!

so ta ta till then ya'll!

OH btw its 6am right now, i woke up at 5am but didnt go to sleep last night until 1am!

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  1. Airports are crazy! I can't even count how many times I've flown, and I still dread the airport every time.
    You should post some more pics!