Friday, May 21, 2010


whats up y'all

So on tuesday we all went to Nara as a class field trip. It was nice and all. More exploring of japan. But as i said in the last post i have been really tiered plus my allergies have really been kicking me in the face. Sooo yyyeeeaaaahhh. It was good but i wasn't fully into it. The sites were awesome and really like "whoa" but still..It was kind of exciting at first because the deer are so tame there. If you have food they will just come right up to you and you can feed them from your hand and you can pet them and all that jazz. They can and will bite you if you let them.

Any who after walking around and feeding the deer we went to Todai-ji which is a big temple that has like a huge Buddha in it. It was crazy to think that something so big was made so long ago! Also the whole building that it was in had no metal nails in it. It was made with nothing but like wood!!!!

After we were done there we headed back for the train station and went home!!

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