Tuesday, May 18, 2010


howdy y'all

On saturady me and my 2 friends decided to go to Tokyo and more specifically the harajuku and shibuya area.

We started out by taking a 2 hour shinkansen ride over to Tokyo from miabara which wasn't that bad.. it was hard to stay awake but still not that bad. Then oncewe arrived in Tokyo we had to transfer trains and get onto a smaller JR line that would take us to the Harajuku station. From there we got off and just started to look around. It was really exciting! There were so many people! It was almost suffocating. And mind you the people are kind of rude. Like its not to super bad but still they will just bump right into without saying excuse me or anything! I guess that's how it goes in bigger cities.

But at any rate. It was a good time. Got some awesome photos and some awesome clothing and gifts for people. Also i saw so many awesome people. It gave me so many fashion ideas that im going to bring back to the US with me!

Overall it was a good day.

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