Friday, May 21, 2010

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Hi y'all

So Thursday. It was a very thoughtful day. As a group we all went to Hiroshima. The first thing we did was head over to peace park. It was very interesting. I walked around and looked at the monuments and just took it all in. Then me and my friends went into the museum and looked around that i took that all in.

After walking around peace park we all then went to a ferry and took that over to Miyajima island and went all the way to the top via cable car. I wish i had good pictures for it but it was really foggy up there so you couldn't really see much. The cable car was fun though.

anyways after that we took the ferry back and then got on the shinkansen and went back to jcmu

Oh also when we were in Hiroshima we got a small tour from our teacher and he took us to the hypocenter.

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