Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sup Y'all

So i know i'm late on writing about thing but that's what ill do now!!!

Ok so the day i stopped writing was the day that we went to the baseball game in Osaka. The baseball game was super awesome!! Like when i first heard we were gonna go to the game i was like....ohh... but than i was like oh man that was awesome.

Like the day started out with the whole class riding the train and heading for Osaka. And then we got there and it was super packed! My excitement started rise. Looking around there was so many super fans ( i.e people dressed to the T in like all hanshin tigers gear). So when i got in there i had to buy a jersey so i would match so i did. I felt like i really fit in. We then went inside and got to our seats and started watching the game. the game itself wasn't that interesting but all the fans were. They would do whole group cheers and people would get so into the game, which got me really into the game. I started to get to clap along with everyone also. I felt like i was really connected. It was an awesome feeling.

Once the game let out we got on the train ( which was sooo super crowded like i was so pushed up against like so many people) It was so tiring but hey i had a good day.

Even tho we lost 4-8 we had a good!!!

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