Monday, May 10, 2010

Im in japan!

Hey Ya'll

So i am finally hear! and let me tell ya the plane ride was a crazy one! It was my first plane ride and of course had to take a 14hr one as my starter flight!

At least i got to sit by the window and with someone i know next to me and in front of me! They made the plane ride enjoyable! But its funny. when my teacher said that when on a plane most jap people will just kinda sit there and just be there and sleep with out getting in your space i was like ok sure.

But no he was serious! this one guy at the end of the row was exactly like that! and it was kinda sad because when i had to use the bathroom i didn't want to wake him up but i kind of had to! it was silly. But that was my trip!!! the food sucked and the seats were uncomfortable but still i had a good time!

Well i will post more tomorrow about the ride here so ta ta for now hommies!!!

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